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How To Clean Aquarium Rocks

Owning a fish tank is very common nowadays. Children enjoy watching colorful fishes and lovely decorations present in the fish tanks. Some people say that the presence of an aquarium at home can help remove negative energies surrounding the house. Especially if you’re a busy men, owning an aquarium will really help your mind at ease and calms your soul.

Unfortunately, there is also an attached responsibility in owning a fish tank. Fish tank contains not only fishes but also certain decorations like plants, sand, gravel and also rocks. Rocks are the usual aquarium decoration that easily gets penetrated by fungus. Anyone who owns an aquarium would really desire to maintain flawless rock inside it. Cleaning an aquarium rock only takes a little effort and knowledge.

The things that you need are bleach and tooth brush. Here are the steps in cleaning an aquarium rock:

  • Firstly, remove any electrical connections inside the aquarium. Remove any other fish tank decorations so that you can easily pick up the rocks.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your aquarium by changing the dirty water regularly for at least once a month or when the water has started to look dull. Dirty water can promote entry of fungus and algae. An alga usually sticks to the aquarium rocks and some other aquarium decoration. This is the main reason why your rocks are slippery with unusual color.
  • Rocks, artificial corals and some other decorations are porous materials. Remove each fish tank decoration and place it in a container one by one.
  • The best way to clean the aquarium rock is with the use of mild bleach. Get a large basin or a large bowl and add enough water. Add at least ½ cup bleach powder and mix thoroughly. Place the rocks including the other accessories like artificial coral and others. Let it soak for at least an hour and observe the dirt being gradually removed by the bleach powder.
  • With the use of a soft bristle toothbrush, scrub the rocks accordingly to further remove any stuck dirt.
  • If the rocks are not slippery anymore, rinse off with running water. Remember to wash the rocks several times to ensure that the solution is completely removed.
  • Allow the aquarium rocks to completely dry for several hours. You can also place it under the heat of the sun for few days. When it has dried already, you can place it back to your fish tank and decorate accordingly.

Another simple way in cleaning aquarium rocks is to use a dishwasher. This method saves more time as you can easily get finished with a single cycle but it is not the most preferred way because it cannot thoroughly remove any dirt particles that are present in the rocks. Furthermore, allowing the rocks to dry under the sun can naturally kill bacteria or fungus. However, the disadvantage is that, it takes a lot of time. Sun’s exposure is only ideal if you have an alternative aquarium rocks because sun exposure may still last for few days.

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