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How to Clean a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

One of the popular brands of coffee maker is the Cuisinart. It has many features and advantages and investing for one will surely not be a waste of money. If you own a Cuisinart Coffee Maker, it is very important that you clean them and give utmost attention for its maintenance so it can always give you the best and most satisfying coffee every time you want to sip a cup of hot coffee. The coffee maker comes with a manual and you had better read its cleaning instructions so you know the proper way to take care of it. However, if you do not have the manual, do not worry too much.

Here are the steps so you can effectively clean and maintain your Cuisinart coffee maker:

  1. Make sure that you turn off first the coffee maker before you start the process of cleaning it. Unplug it from any electrical sockets.
  2. Take out the ground coffee and the paper filter inside your coffee maker.
  3. Wash the filter basket thoroughly using warm water with mild detergent soap.
  4. Rinse the filter basket completely and make sure that there are no more soap residues sticking on the basket.
  5. Get a moistened cloth and use it to wipe the area located under the filter basket. Gently clean the area to remove all the grime and dust on it.
  6. You can clean the lid and the carafe with warm water and soap solution. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards. Let it dry naturally or you can wipe it with a dry soft cotton cloth.
  7. To clean the heating plate, the best thing to do is to wipe it with a cloth slightly soaked in water. Clean the heating plate thoroughly yet gently to remove all the dusts and coffee excess adhered on the area.
  8. You can clean the base of the coffeemaker by easily wiping it using a dampened soft polishing cloth.
  9. Now, it is time to focus your cleaning attention to the coffeemaker’s metal parts. There can be calcium deposits that will stick on those metal parts and you eventually need to get rid of them. Actually, the coffee maker itself will tell you the perfect time to clean it. The coffeemaker will flash a ‘CLEAN’ light, signaling you that it needs some cleaning. When this happens, you have to fill up the water container with two-thirds of water and one-third or white vinegar. After you filled it, press the ‘Clean’ button of the coffeemaker. You will see that the self- clean light is glowing and the next thing to do is to turn on the coffee maker. This will start the coffee maker to clean itself in one cycle. You will know that it cleaning is complete when you hear a beep from the coffeemaker and it will automatically shut down.
  10. To check if the coffeemaker is completely clean, try turning the coffeemaker again. If you do not see the “clean” light flashing for the second time, then it means that you have cleaned it well. If it does flash the ‘clean’ light, you have to repeat the process again. Use a new solution of water and vinegar when you repeat the process. You have to repeat this procedure until the “clean” light stopped to flash.

You may think that cleaning Cuisinart Coffeemaker can be a bit complicated and difficult but if you really want to brew the best and delicious coffee ever, then you have no other choice but to clean it thoroughly.

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